Best Automatic Pool Cleaners in Plano & Frisco, TX

Many pool owners know the frustration of dealing with leaves and debris that sink to the bottom of the pool. Although vacuuming and skimming weekly are tasks essential to keeping pools cleaned, the daily build-up of such debris can increase the workload and cause problems with chemistry and the beauty of pool surfaces. Automatic cleaners assist the pool cleaner with keeping the pool floor and other horizontal surfaces clear of this debris.


Some cleaners are suction driven; they connect to a port in the wall or in the skimmer and pull leaves into a leaf-collection canister. These are very inefficient and rob from skimming and main drain suction; however, when working properly, they can reduce the amount of pool floor debris. Others are driven by the pressure of the filter pump. Filtered water is sent through a pipe to the wheeled cleaner, where jets drive the wheels and the venturi action that lifts debris into a bag. The downside to this cleaner type is that, when it is functional, it robs from other areas where filtered water returns to the pool, such as wall inlets or spa features. Robotic cleaners use electrical power to drive them through the water and can be efficient; however, they are bulky and must be removed from the pool once the cleaning cycle is completed for the sake of swimmers. While Select Pool Services personnel can service many of these types of cleaners, we always strongly recommend a boosted-pressure-style cleaner. Give us a call for automatic pool cleaners for sale or repair in Dallas, Plano, or Frisco.

Select Pool Services recommends using the Pentair automatic pressure fed swimming pool cleaner for Dallas as it is the most reliable one in the market


These cleaners are the most efficient and thorough cleaners available that can remain in the water. They rely on a separate booster pump, which is fed by the filtration system water. These pumps boost water pressure to feed via plumbing a hose and head feature connected to a port in the wall. Because the pressure causes wheels to revolve at a specified rate of speed, these cleaners can sweep the floor of an average-size pool in three hours or less per day. If you have a suction-side or a non-boosted cleaner system, a Select Pool Services technician can discuss with you the potential of converting your current system to this superior way of sweeping the pool floor clean.
Pentair manufactures serveral types of automatic swimming pool cleaners but the Racer is the one Select Pool Services of Carrollton and Dallas Texas
Cleaners undergo harsh conditions that can cause them to stop working. Our experts know most pool cleaners inside and out. They carry a wide array of pool sweep parts with them daily, and they can help you discern when it is time to replace your automatic pool cleaner or convert your system. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and give your pool a daily cleaning while you relax and enjoy your investment.


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