How Long Do Swimming Pools Last?

Do you have dreams of the perfect pool? Many people do, but when you’re ready to take that first step toward turning the dream into a reality, you’re going to develop some very real questions. How much does it really cost? What kinds of features are available? How long will it last? That last question […]

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How Difficult Is It to Maintain a Swimming Pool?

Having a pool is great. You can swim whenever you want. It’s an easy way to make the most of the hot months of the year. You can get great exercise, have tons of fun, and generally enjoy your home more than ever before.  However, maintaining a swimming pool can be hard work. If you’ve […]

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How to Cut Down on Swimming Pool Maintenance Expenses

When you own an in-ground pool, its ongoing maintenance costs can add up quickly. Between weekly cleanings, chemical balancing, operational costs, and equipment maintenance, it’s not uncommon for pool owners to spend several hundred or even a few thousand dollars annually. But tending to routine pool care doesn’t have to break the bank.  When you […]

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How Long Should I Wait to Swim After Shocking My Pool?

Algae can be caused by a number of factors. These include storms, sun exposure, poor filtration, a lack of chemical balance, or high cyanuric acid. Even a dog swimming in your pool or a pool party can lower the chlorine levels enough that you start to lose the war on algae. Fortunately, pool experts long […]

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What Is a Gunite Swimming Pool?

When the temperatures rise in the Texas summer, a gorgeous blue swimming pool can be the perfect refresher. A pool is an endless source of fun, relaxation, and coolness in the summer, and it brings a wow factor to your home. If you’re seriously thinking about getting your own pool, we’ve got some information that […]

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What Is a Plunge Pool?

It’s normal to dream of having a pool in your backyard. They are one of the most enjoyable and most-used features any home can have. But not all yards and homes are designed to accommodate a full-sized in-ground pool. Space is usually the limiting factor, but cost and practicality also have an impact. If you […]

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5 Things to Consider When Installing a Pool

A backyard pool is amazing for so many reasons. It helps you stay cool in the summer. It can supply endless fun and quality exercise. It’s the pinnacle of home entertainment. And these days, you have a lot of options for what you can get out of your pool. If you’re getting serious about having […]

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Concrete vs. Pavers for Your Pool Deck

Having a pool is amazing, but when you think about backyards and beautiful homes, the pool deck can often be as important or even more important than the body of water it surrounds. The deck is what provides access to the pool. It controls the aesthetic of the whole yard, and it’s a surface you’ll […]

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Pool Heater vs. Heat Pump

The only thing better than having a pool in Dallas is having a pool in Dallas that you can use year-round. As warm as Texas weather can be, pools still get cold half the year. However, if you heat your pool, your swimming season can begin earlier in the spring and extend later into the […]

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