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Professional Pool Repair & Renovations in Coppell, TX

Could your home benefit from quality pool services in Coppell, TX? At Select Pool Services, we work closely with homeowners who require efficient pool repairs, renovations, and brand new installations. To schedule our high-end pool services, speak with an associate today by calling 214-755-7665!

Quality Pool Services

There’s nothing more refreshing than hopping in the pool on a hot summer day. But all that enjoyment takes work, however, because cleaning and maintaining a gorgeous pool can be a big responsibility. When it comes to quality pool services in Coppell, TX, homeowners know that few companies can compare to the experienced crew at Select Pool Services. Since day one, Select Pool Services has put the customer first. We know you appreciate the quality of our repairs, remodeling, and new pool construction. That is why, to this day, we continue to go above and beyond!

Swimming Pool Repair

During the hot summer days, a swimming pool in your backyard will likely see extensive use. Pair this use with the weather, and age, and you have a perfect storm for something to go wrong. It’s only a matter of time before a  leak sprouts or the filtration system breaks down. Whatever the problem, Select Pool Services can help. We offer solutions to life’s everyday pool problems. In fact, our repairs are talked about throughout the community for their efficiency, affordable pricing, and speed.

A lot can go wrong with a swimming pool. For example, you may wake up one morning and notice a tile has broken off, or perhaps your top-of-the-line equipment has finally broken down, causing issues. Our technicians have decades of training, ensuring we can rectify your swimming troubles today. We work quickly to ensure you can hop back in the water this evening and enjoy your time in the sun!

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Like your plumbing system, your swimming pool requires regular maintenance. Over time, the filtration system may become clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. If left unattended, this clog may cause the system to burnout, costing you more money to replace the unit. This particular situation is completely avoidable through comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services from Select Pool Services. With one phone call, you’ll enjoy an efficient swimming pool, free of any issues for the summer!

We work with homeowners daily who want the most from their swimming pool. Our maintenance services assess the entire pool, including the flooring, covering, equipment, and systems. We examine everything, in search of leaks or broken equipment. A single leak could cost you quite a bit of money per month. We’ll help you save money by avoiding large-scale issues and replacements. In fact, maintenance will pay for itself rather quickly!

New Swimming Pool Construction

There’s nothing like jumping into a swimming pool in your backyard. That first dive in is certainly memorable. What about jumping into a completely custom-built and designed swimming pool? That sounds like the life!

At Select Pool Services, we have over 37 years of experience designing and building swimming pools for homeowners in the area. We work with the region’s top architects and designers, using immense creativity, to craft a swimming pool you can be proud of. Whether you have a style in mind or want to put your faith in our abilities, you won’t be disappointed. Your new swimming pool will capture your vision and the beauty of your home perfectly. Furthermore, a new swimming pool – one that is custom-built – will increase property values and the aesthetic of your landscape. It’s an investment that keeps on giving year-after-year!

About Coppell, TX

There’s something about Coppell, TX, which brings the community together. Situated in the northwest corner of Dallas County, Coppell is a city that loves to get outdoors, and we certainly have the weather for it. Coppell is in a humid subtropical region, which means plenty of sunshine and time spent in the pool. We’re proud to serve this community!

Top Pool Repair

Swimming pools in Coppell, TX, are often subject to environmental extremes. We’re talking about freezing cold temperatures during the winter and extreme heat waves in the summer. These fluctuations, over time, can cause noticeable damage to even the most well-maintained swimming pools.

What is a homeowner to do? You can start by scheduling a professional pool inspection with Select Pool Services. Whether you require simple tile repair/replacement or full leak detection, our technicians are trained, licensed by the state, and uphold our company’s commitment to customer satisfaction!

Efficient Pool Renovations

At Select Pool Services, we specialize in renovations. To some, a pool in the backyard is a status symbol. The right pool reflects the beauty of a home and provides a particular lifestyle that many homeowners just cannot do without. When the time comes for renovations, don’t opt for the cheapest service you can find. Instead, choose the best.

Our renovation services include tile installation, custom decks, coping, plaster, baby fencing, and even indoor controls!

Contact Us

To speak with a pool repair specialist, contact Select Pool Services by calling 214-755-7665. When it comes to backyard pools, no one takes their job more seriously than us!


  • “My husband and I have had the privilege of working with Earl Neal for approximately 30 years… as long as we own a pool, we will always be associated with Earl Neal.”

    Mr. & Mrs. W, Bent Tree
  • “During the last thirty years Earl Neal has either constructed, remodeled or repaired swimming pools for us. We found him to be competent, dependable and a man of integrity. Earl is the one we will always call for any pool service.”

    Mr. & Mrs. B, Glen Lakes
  • “We enthusiastically recommend Earl and his team to anyone doing pool renovations… the completed project is of the highest quality… we couldn’t be more pleased!”

    Mrs. G, Highland Park

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