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Highland Park Pool Repair and New Installations

Whether it be a new pool installation or a remodeling project for your existing swimming area, the highest standards must be met to ensure safety and longevity. With such a wide range of pool options from which to choose, Select Pool Services is your go-to source for all custom installation and pool projects. We recommend and install high-quality equipment and always use the latest technology to perform our services. All components of your filtration and circulation systems are crucial to the enjoyment, safety, and maintenance of your pool.  And while your pump and filter may have worked fine for the past few years, they may not be working efficiently on your behalf.  We can recommend options for better energy-efficiency and overall reliability.


Experienced Pool and Pump Repair Specialists

Our primary goal at Select Pool Services is excellence, whether we are building your custom pool, remodeling your existing pool, or repairing deficiencies in your pool equipment.  This is why we often recommend the replacement of old, failing single-speed pumps with variable-speed pumps.  These pumps are self-protecting, quiet, and potentially can save you hundreds in energy costs yearly. While considering upgrades in pool pump technology, imagine the luxury of heating your spa for your arrival from anywhere you happen to be (at least, any place where you can connect to the internet!).  With upgrades in control system technology, this can be a reality for you at a lower cost than you would imagine.  Web-enabled control systems use your home wireless network to allow you to control almost any function of your pool from nearly any web-enabled device.

Custom Hardscape Professionals

Perhaps you are more concerned with the aesthetic value of your pool.  You long to add something unique to your backyard scenery, versus looking at the same hardscape that was there 20 years ago.  We can offer ideas for water features, new stone work, and updated tile that will allow you customize your swimming experience.

Swimming Pool Repair

When it comes to a modern swimming pool, there are countless moving parts, pieces of equipment, and variables to consider. At Select Pool Services, we’re adept at handling such variables. We know best how to handle swimming pool repairs – big or small. Over time, whether it’s due to age, weather, or otherwise, swimming pool repairs become an inevitably, not a possibility. When that happens, our pool technicians are equipped and trained to handle the situation. We have the expertise you need most. It takes just one phone call for us to kick into high gear and provide results!

Our swimming pool repairs are efficient and straightforward. We don’t beat around the bush. Our pool services have you covered, should anything go wrong with the tiling, surface, leaks, equipment, or any other factor or system. We’ll repair your pool promptly, so you may go swimming and enjoy yourself once more this summer!

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to a happy and healthy swimming pool. You likely want to protect your investment. You’ve spent time and money ensuring your new swimming pool looks its absolute best and functions as intended. You wouldn’t want to shut the pool to your children, friends, neighbors, and family, though, right? Well, we hope to ensure you don’t have to.

At Select Pool Services, our maintenance services are designed from the ground up. We provide the most comprehensive maintenance in the area, in fact. We will inspect your swimming pool, check the equipment and inventory, drain build up, handle repairs, remove trash, and ensure the filtration system is functioning as intended. It takes just one ignored signal to lead to costly repairs. If you schedule maintenance, we can catch that signal and provide the necessary repairs today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. We’ll handle the matter now!

New Swimming Pool Construction

It is the dream of countless homeowners to enjoy their very own swimming pool. You’ve likely thought about it, too. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. Now, it’s your time to shine. At Select Pool Services, we offer expert swimming pool construction in Highland Park, TX. We work with the top experts and architects in the area, ensuring you have access to immense creativity and professionalism. We will design an entire swimming pool, from the ground up, for your backyard.

Whether you have a design in mind or wish to allow us creative freedom, we can produce a swimming pool to amaze your friends and family. The homeowners we work with, much like yourself, typically want the best. We understand this notion altogether. We’re right there with you, too. That is why our swimming pool construction services are so in-depth. We won’t even begin until we have a clear design and plan in mind. We only produce results!

About Highland Park, TX

Well known for being one of Dallas County’s most affluent towns, Highland Park sits a convenient 3 miles from the center of Dallas. With a small size of only 2.26 square miles, this community is home to approximately 8,900 residents. During the Christmas season, residents and tourists alike enjoy attending the annual lighting of The Big Pecan Tree, which is the oldest Christmas Tradition found in all of Dallas County. As beautiful and tree-covered as Highland Park may be, it is not immune to the heat and humidity of North Texas summers. If you’re considering installing a swimming pool, it’s imperative to consult a professional with decades of experience in pool installation, maintenance, and repairs. At Select Pool Services, our customers are consistently satisfied with the services and pool products we sell. Contact us today to speak with a qualified pool specialist.

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