Pool Bubblers: Pros and Cons

Pool Bubblers: Pros and Cons

It’s really nice to have a pool, especially in the middle of a hot Texas summer. Pools are fun. They keep you cool. They add value to a home. Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re thinking about getting a pool, you’re going to have a lot of options in front of you. It can feel like a lot, so sometimes the best way forward is to tackle the options one at a time. To help with that, we have a quick guide for you on pool bubblers. They are pretty popular these days, so you might want to know why.

What Is a Pool Bubbler?

If you’re not already familiar with pool bubblers, we can take a moment to clarify what this is all about. Bubblers are small fountains that can go in the pool. They shoot water up above the pool’s waterline, and they usually only project water two to three feet.

They are commonly installed in shallow areas — splash zones and steps are common placement options. They can also go in spas or smaller water features.

Pool bubblers are common in luxury pools. You might have seen them at hotels, water parks, or apartment buildings. They are designed to add a little bit of atmosphere, and they can definitely provide fun for the kids.

You can also install multiple bubblers in a single pool. It’s all a matter of design choices and what you really want for your pool.


Pool bubblers sound nice, but are they really worth it? What are they doing for you or the pool? It turns out that they aren’t just meaningless decorations. They can add real value to the pool through these compelling benefits.


This is one of the top reasons to get a pool bubbler. The kids will find endless hours of amusement with them — especially if they’re too young for deeper waters.

Even if you don’t have kids, bubblers in shallow areas can be fun for splashing around and just having a good time.


Bubblers are also great for ambiance. They add unique visual elements that help your pool perfect its character and stand out from other pools. You can enjoy watching your fountains, and you can even set them up with lighting so they look amazing at night.

On top of that, they provide audio ambiance. You can enjoy the gentle, relaxing sound of running water. You might end up lounging by the pool just to take in the peaceful sounds.


Bubblers can help keep your pool nice and cool in the hottest weather. Texas summers are no joke, and even the pool can get warmer than you really want it.

The bubbler helps to circulate the water, and it even aerates the water. Both of these things help with temperature regulation, ensuring the pool is cooler and more refreshing when you need it the most.


One of the best parts of pool bubblers is that they are quite affordable. Compared to just about any other pool feature, you can get a bubbler for a price that feels good and doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for that little something extra for your pool, this is the best way to do it without forcing you into a hefty investment.


If pool bubblers are so great, why aren’t they in every pool? While that’s almost a conceivable option, there are some reasons not to get a pool bubbler. Mostly, it comes down to comparing the cost and effort involved in acquiring and installing them.

Greater Risk

Putting in additional water features increases the risk that your pool will run into problems. That’s because pipes can burst, structures can be compromised, and components need replacing. Some bubblers come with LED lights and other technical fixtures that also require upkeep. It’s always important to factor in this risk when assessing how you will build out your pool.


For a professional, installing pool bubblers is not an overwhelming task, but this is definitely not a DIY project. Pool bubblers are best installed during pool construction. If you want to add one to an existing pool, it could get involved, especially because you need to drain the pool (at least partially) to install the bubbler.


Even though pool bubblers are one of the most affordable add-ons, they do raise the price of a pool project. More importantly, bubblers are not functionally essential to a pool. So if you’re pressed tightly against your budget, cutting the bubblers from the project can save much-needed money.

If you’re well within your budget, then their affordability is once again an advantage, and there’s little reason to avoid getting what you really want.

Select Pool Services Is Here for You

If you are interested in bubblers or any sort of water feature, contact Select Pool Services today. We can help you plan them into your new pool design. Or if you already have a pool, we can discuss whether they can be installed in conjunction with a remodel or refurbishment plan that transforms your pool into the paradise you know it can be.

Whatever you want and need for your pool, we’re here to help.

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