What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Pool?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Pool

Most people who don’t have a pool think about what it would be like. It’s more convenient than taking a car ride down to the nearest public pool, and we all imagine that we would use it a ton. However, there are also some downsides to consider. If you’re starting to really think about this as a serious option, then you might want to consider the pros and cons of your decision.

Why It’s Great to Have a Pool

A lot of people build pools or buy a house with a pool. There are reasons for that, and the most compelling are listed right here.

So Much Fun

The number one reason to have your own pool is to enjoy it. It’s fun for people of all ages. Kids enjoy it. Adults enjoy it. It’s great for having people over and entertaining. You can use it for exercise, games, relaxing, and cooling off on a hot day. Even pets often love the pool.

The entertainment value of a pool is immeasurable. A family gathering at a public pool can be fun but lacks the same intimacy as when it’s held in your own backyard. When you combine the convenience of a pool in your backyard with the fun value, it’s pretty obvious why so many homes make the investment.

Better Health

Aquatic exercise is some of the best that exists. Swimming laps will help every aspect of your fitness, and it’s a low-impact activity that is easy on the joints. Aquatic therapies are common for all kinds of injuries, which means a pool inevitably has value for just about everyone.

Even when you just lounge in the pool, it’s still good for your health. It gets you outside and into the sun. That helps with fresh air and vitamin D. It’s also great for mental health. Being able to enjoy a pool can relieve stress, promote fitness, release endorphins, and do many other good things for your mind and body.

Improved Home Sales

An in-ground pool improves the value of most houses. This will depend on the market, and there is no guarantee that the pool will add value to the home equal to what it costs. But the pool typically does raise the sale price of a house.

On top of that, the pool helps you sell the home when it’s time. All other things being equal, and assuming the pool is well maintained, most people are going to pick the house with the pool for all of the reasons listed above. When you realize that you can gain all of that fun and health and then get some or all of the cost back in property value, it makes the decision that much easier to justify.

The Things You’ll Wish You Knew

When you think about having your own pool, the daydreams probably only focus on sunny days and big smiles. While that’s mostly fair, pools do come with some caveats. Most pool owners are happy with their decision, but there are still things they will tell you to think about before you make your decision. You can decide if these cons are dealbreakers or not, but they’re the most common downsides to owning a pool.


Pool care is eternal. That sounds scary, but it’s not really so bad. Regular pool maintenance is manageable, but you have to stay on top of it. If you ever get lax on the care, your pool water can become a health hazard due to algae and bacteria, and this fun add-on to your home can become a money pit. It’s much simpler to stay on top of pool care than it is to overcome problems once they get out of hand.

But there will be days when you don’t really feel like spending energy on the pool. Despite that, the pool will still demand your attention. Virtually every pool owner in the world thinks it’s worth the hassle, but it is important to realize all of this before you invest.

Of course, you can also hire someone to maintain your pool on a regular basis, in which case you’re trading money for convenience. With the right company caring for your pool, it’s worth the cost.


Most families can own a pool for many decades and never have an accident. Pools aren’t exactly scary harbingers of doom. But a pool in the backyard does change the safety game. This is especially important with small children. You can absolutely keep them safe while having a pool, but you have to plan around it and be diligent. Safety covers for the pool and other passive protection will make your life a lot easier.

The other issue with safety is that it increases your liability risk. Whenever you do add a pool to a home, talk to your insurance company to make sure you’re covered.


The cost to get a pool built is obviously a hefty investment, but there are several other costs that come with owning a pool. Whether you maintain the pool yourself or have someone else take care of it, there will be consistent costs involved. The pool equipment will require maintenance and replacement down the line. Roughly every ten years, your pool will need to be resurfaced. Then, of course, there are the increases in your water and electricity bills. 

In addition, a pool is a large liability, so there’s a good chance that your home insurance will become more expensive. And if you live in a particularly cold climate, you’ll have to deal with the winterization process every year. All of these costs can quickly add up. Overall, pools are an amazing investment and opportunity, and that’s why so many people have them built despite the few cons. If you decide to become the proud owner of a pool, reach out to Select Pool Services when it’s time to get your equipment maintained or your pool resurfaced. Contact us today to see how we can help you keep your pool usable.

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