Can My Pool Deck Be Repaired?

Texas pool owners know that having a pool is a fantastic addition to your home! And many will argue that the deck around the pool is what really controls the aesthetic of the whole yard. Because of this and the fact that the deck is what controls your access to the pool, you want it to look beautiful and stay in great condition. We do too!

So a main question on many pool owners’ minds is, “What happens when a pool deck gets damaged?” And that is quickly followed by, “Is this the type of damage that can be simply repaired, or does the entire deck need to be replaced?” We’re here to help you navigate through difficult decisions like this, but here are a few things to help you understand whether a repair vs. a replacement is necessary.

What Is a Deck?

The nongrass area around your pool is what we refer to as a “deck.” Typically, for in-ground pools, decks are concrete or stone. Concrete decks are then usually finished with beautification touches like stone, textures, or even intricate hand-carved finishes. Decks are usually many times larger in surface area than the actual pool they surround, so regardless of the type of deck you have around your pool, periodic maintenance is required to keep things looking clean and safe.

Deck Damage

Most damage to decks occurs with general wear and tear and effects from the elements (hot vs. cold temperature effects on concrete). Damages include but are not limited to cracks of varying degrees, discoloration/staining, algae or mold build-up, and grit additives wearing down resulting in a slippery surface.


Because most decks are also made of concrete, odds are you’re going to see a crack or two throughout the lifetime of your deck. Certain types of cracks can be simply repaired with a filler or a patch. These add strength to the weakened section and can be smoothed out and covered if you have decorative stone or texturing. Larger cracks might be a sign of an underlying structural or installation issue. This is where having a professional consultation is key because they can help you as a pool owner identify if this is a small problem or a big problem. If you have an issue like ground movement, for example, you might need to relevel everything, which is a lot more involved and might involve redoing your entire Deck.

If you have a small crack, not addressing it can also lead to larger problems. Your deck is around water and is completely exposed to elements like rain, sleet, and snow. If water gets into a crack in concrete and then freezes, thaws, and freezes again, overexpansion will occur, and breakage will continue and get larger and larger. So remember, even small cracks shouldn’t be ignored!

Staining/Mold Issues

In most cases, staining and things like mold build-up on a deck require an easy, recurring fix that is usually surface level. With a combination of routine pressure washing and the use of deck cleaners like muriatic acid (and some elbow grease), most stains and build-ups are cleaned up with no problem.

If you have colored concrete, you might notice after cleaning that the coloring is a little lighter. For a lot of people, that level of imperfection goes unnoticed, but you can also recolor or repaint your deck to keep it looking fresh and solid. We’ve seen a lot of creative “concrete engraving” as well where a piece of concrete was replaced or discolored, but a pretty flower was cut into the surface, and it’s now a beautifully unique piece to the deck.

A concrete sealer is also highly recommended since concrete is a porous material. Sealer helps prevent mold and mildew growth and is an extra layer of protection from stains caused by pool chemicals.

Slippery Surface

A lot of slipping problems will be resolved through regular cleaning so things don’t build up on the deck, but you can also add texture or grit to help stability. Grit additives like sand can be added to sealers (mentioned above) and paint to help add grip so you’re not slipping and sliding on your pool deck.

Repair or Replacement?

The biggest thing to know about deciding to have repair or replacement done is whether your deck is still structurally sound. Although some people rely on their personal assessment, that comes with a big financial risk if you don’t notice structural damage.

When in Doubt, Just Ask a Professional

Hiring a professional with industry experience is the only way to be sure that you’re making the right decision on your deck. Here at Select Pool Services, we have the knowledge to help you assess the best decision for your needs.

When you’ve been in the pool business long enough, you learn a thing or two. Odds are, we’ve seen your situation before. We specialize in pool and deck repairs, so just contact us, and we can help you determine what you’re dealing with and how to fix it.

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